Friday, February 15, 2013

Illinois Women Cyclists Spring Thaw Meetup!

Activists in the Illinois women’s cycling community have bonded together to create Illinois Women Cyclists. IWC comprises of a social platform presence at, organized gatherings to provide an all-inclusive space to welcome women to the bicycle scene, and a gateway to competitive cycling in the Midwest. Women from the hilly downstate to the urban Chicagoland to the borders of Wisconsin and Indiana are invited to advocate for a stronger, broader future for women’s cycling.

With nearly 6.5 million women in the state of Illinois, the IWC desires to bridge the existing gender population gaps in cycling. IWC seeks to raise the number of women who ride by reaching out to those who would not otherwise know about the many rich Illinois cycling communities and by supporting those who already bike by providing a central location for information and resources about other events, rides, and races on the Meetup site. Meetup members, teams, and promoters are encouraged to enhance this collaboration by including their own activities and ideas, thus allowing the forum to self-sufficiently drive the momentum.

Rolling out for the inaugural Spring Thaw Icebreaker, the first Chicago Meetup will occur Monday, March 4, 6:00pm to 8pm at the centrally located Banger’s & Lace, 1670 W Division Street. The event will feature familiar faces to welcome newcomers and old friends, including members of the Illinois Women’s Racing Consortium Vanessa Buccella of Illinois Cycling Association and Half Acre Cycling, Lindsay Knight of Chicago Women’s Bike Racing and Blackstone Bicycle Works, Marie Snyder of Chicago Cuttin Crew and the Northbrook Cycle Committee, and Becky Welbes of Pretty. Fast. and Kinky Llama Racing. All those who identify as women are welcome to meet, connect, and befriend fellow women cyclists.

The Illinois Women’s Racing Consortium focuses its endeavors on promoting women’s racing in Illinois. Contribute to the movement on Facebook.

Illinois Women Cyclists is an independent organization supported in large part by the Illinois Cycling Association. To discover more cycling events in Illinois, visit ICA at

Learn more about Illinois Women Cyclists by emailing or following @ILWomenCyclists. Join to create or attend your own IWC events!

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