Friday, July 13, 2012

Changes for W1/2/3 in this year’s Chicago Cross Cup

By Ellie Blick

Photo by Bill Draper
Has the faint jingle of the friendly neighborhood Paleta Man recently been reminding you more of relentless heckles than refreshing horchata popsicles? Tubular talk is on the rise, skin suit sketches are in and with that comes a recent announcement from the Chicago Cyclocross Cup that the women’s category 3 (W3) will be scored separately from the women’s 1/2 (W1/2) this season. Thanks to the help of CCC Series Director Jason Knauff, we got the details on what exactly this means and everything else W1/2/3’s should know this season.    

What’s the same:           
  • The race time and format hasn’t changed. W1/2/3’s will start at 10:45 a.m.
  • The entire field will be staged following this procedure
  • W1/2/3’s will still be scored as one field for USAC results.
  • CCC series points are awarded 30 riders deep.

 What’s new:
  • There will be separate CCC series rankings for the W1/2 and W3.
  • The W1/2 and the W3 will have separate year-end CCC champions.
  • Staging (for all categories) will be eight riders wide instead of 10 riders wide. 
  • The W/1/2/3 will have a 30-rider limit for pre-registration. Additional riders will need to register day-of if the 50+, 60+ and/or Single Speed (SS) fields do not fill to capacity during pre-registration, or place their name on the wait list if the 50+/60+/SS categories do fill during pre-registration. Field limits are based on last year's CCC rider attendance.
  •  Yes, there’s a SS category this year! It shares the W1/2/3, 50+ and 60+ course with a 10:48:30 a.m. start. Women can race that!
  • As usual, women can also race the Masters category for their age group, or race up in age 10 years for Cat 1/2's and 20 years for Cat 3/4's (see page 45-46 of USAC rulebook). Women can also race non-gender specific categorized races for their category or one category below. (W3 can race M3 or M4, W2 can race M3, etc.) Show those boys who’s boss!

So, separate rankings? The CCC points system for the W1/2/3 field will remain numerically combined, but the W1/2 and W3 competitors will be ranked separately. For example, if Suzy Cyclocross is a W3 consistently placing third behind a W1 and a W2, she’ll still receive 45 CCC points per race for her third place finishes and be third the podium. But, she’ll be the top ranked W3 in the CCC W3 overall standings. Staging will be determined by top overall points between both fields, so if the fifth place overall W3 has more CCC points than the fourth place overall W1/2, that W3 gets the final spot on the front row.

There will not be separate USAC scoring, separate upgrade points, a separate weekly podium or a separate CCC payout for the W3. Payouts and upgrade points usually go to the top five finishers of the W1/2/3 race, depending on field size. Individual promoters may choose to award additional cash or prizes. Note that USAC national rankings are based not just on how you place, but also on whom you compete against. So W3 will actually earn more USAC points by being scored together with the W1/2's, which could be advantageous for away races if more race promoters choose to start using USAC points for staging.

Happy remounting—see you in the fall!

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