Monday, September 9, 2013

Illinois Women Cyclists: End of Summer Patio Party and Jersey Swap

The ladies of Illinois Women Cyclists are throwing a big end of summer party to celebrate women on bikes! They'll be taking over the patio at Happy Village to get noobs and veteran cyclists together to chat, have fun, and maybe even learn a few things! There will be representatives from local cycling clubs available for you to ask questions in a casual setting. 

If you're not interested in joining a club/team, there will still be plenty of reasons to come! The evening will also double as a Jersey and Cycling Clothing Swap! Bring the cycling gear you don't wear anymore and trade it in for something new-to-you, or just donate it to a woman in need of some new cycling clothes. There will be snacks (and maybe even some pitchers of beer) available. We look forward to seeing you!

Date: Tuesday, September 24th
Time: 7pm-10pm
Location: Happy Village Bar, 1059 N. Wolcott Ave. (

MeetUp RSVP Page:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Beverly Bike/Vee-Pak Developing an Elite Women’s Road Team

We thought this announcement should make the rounds with our readers. Beverly Bike/Vee-Pack is planning on developing a Women's Road Squad for next year. Here's their press release:

Beverly Bike/Vee-Pak Developing an Elite Women’s Road Team

One of our goals for 2014 is to promote women’s racing by developing and supporting our own Elite Women’s Racing Team of about five riders.  To do this, BBVP Racing Team is looking for dedicated, hard working women, predominantly from the south side of Chicago or surrounding area, who are riding at any level. Our main goal would be to race in the Prairie State Cycling Classic, along with other target races. We also hope to have them frequent southside team rides.

If you are interested or know someone that would be, please contact BBVP Team Captain Mike Seguin ( with questions and concerns. We would also appreciate if this information could be passed on. We are looking to have a roster for the team in place by this November.

Monday, February 25, 2013

5th Annual Gapers Block Crits

Registration is now open for the 5th Annual Gapers Block Crit series. The races will be held the evenings of Monday, March 25th through Thursday, March 28th. The women's race will start at 6:50pm each night. The Gapers crits are a fantastic series of races for beginners, so if you think that you might want to try your hand at racing this season these are a great way to start.

When you are registering, please note that there are two categories for women to sign up under. If you have never raced before, or you currently hold a Category 4 license, then sign up for Cat 4. You should only register for Category 3 if you currently hold a Cat 3 license.

Many thanks to Gapers Block and Half Acre Cycling for putting on such a great event!

Hope to see a bunch of you out there!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Illinois Women Cyclists Spring Thaw Meetup!

Activists in the Illinois women’s cycling community have bonded together to create Illinois Women Cyclists. IWC comprises of a social platform presence at, organized gatherings to provide an all-inclusive space to welcome women to the bicycle scene, and a gateway to competitive cycling in the Midwest. Women from the hilly downstate to the urban Chicagoland to the borders of Wisconsin and Indiana are invited to advocate for a stronger, broader future for women’s cycling.

With nearly 6.5 million women in the state of Illinois, the IWC desires to bridge the existing gender population gaps in cycling. IWC seeks to raise the number of women who ride by reaching out to those who would not otherwise know about the many rich Illinois cycling communities and by supporting those who already bike by providing a central location for information and resources about other events, rides, and races on the Meetup site. Meetup members, teams, and promoters are encouraged to enhance this collaboration by including their own activities and ideas, thus allowing the forum to self-sufficiently drive the momentum.

Rolling out for the inaugural Spring Thaw Icebreaker, the first Chicago Meetup will occur Monday, March 4, 6:00pm to 8pm at the centrally located Banger’s & Lace, 1670 W Division Street. The event will feature familiar faces to welcome newcomers and old friends, including members of the Illinois Women’s Racing Consortium Vanessa Buccella of Illinois Cycling Association and Half Acre Cycling, Lindsay Knight of Chicago Women’s Bike Racing and Blackstone Bicycle Works, Marie Snyder of Chicago Cuttin Crew and the Northbrook Cycle Committee, and Becky Welbes of Pretty. Fast. and Kinky Llama Racing. All those who identify as women are welcome to meet, connect, and befriend fellow women cyclists.

The Illinois Women’s Racing Consortium focuses its endeavors on promoting women’s racing in Illinois. Contribute to the movement on Facebook.

Illinois Women Cyclists is an independent organization supported in large part by the Illinois Cycling Association. To discover more cycling events in Illinois, visit ICA at

Learn more about Illinois Women Cyclists by emailing or following @ILWomenCyclists. Join to create or attend your own IWC events!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Half Acre Cycling's Annual Beginner Women, Girls and Transgendered Road Racing Clinic

Come hear what all the excitement is about and learn the basics of road racing!!! Led by Cat 1 racer Kristen Meshberg, we'll start inside going over the ins and outs of road racing and then head outside to try out some of the most essential racing skills. No experience needed--all are encouraged to attend!

Date: March 16th
Time: 1pm-4pm
Location: Gompers Park Field House 4222 West Foster Chicago, IL 60630

This will be a great introduction and practice for the beginner friendly Gapers Block Crits on 3/25-2/28!

There is no cost thanks to the Illinois Cycling Association, however, you must pre-register here:

PRE-REGISTRATION OPENS FEBRUARY 11 and is capped at 25 so that attendees get the most benefit from the clinic. Be sure to sign up as soon as registration opens!

Bring your bicycle, helmet, bike lock, cycling clothes, & water bottle.

Hope to see you there!!
Presented by the Illinois Cycling Association (

Friday, July 13, 2012

Changes for W1/2/3 in this year’s Chicago Cross Cup

By Ellie Blick

Photo by Bill Draper
Has the faint jingle of the friendly neighborhood Paleta Man recently been reminding you more of relentless heckles than refreshing horchata popsicles? Tubular talk is on the rise, skin suit sketches are in and with that comes a recent announcement from the Chicago Cyclocross Cup that the women’s category 3 (W3) will be scored separately from the women’s 1/2 (W1/2) this season. Thanks to the help of CCC Series Director Jason Knauff, we got the details on what exactly this means and everything else W1/2/3’s should know this season.    

What’s the same:           
  • The race time and format hasn’t changed. W1/2/3’s will start at 10:45 a.m.
  • The entire field will be staged following this procedure
  • W1/2/3’s will still be scored as one field for USAC results.
  • CCC series points are awarded 30 riders deep.

 What’s new:
  • There will be separate CCC series rankings for the W1/2 and W3.
  • The W1/2 and the W3 will have separate year-end CCC champions.
  • Staging (for all categories) will be eight riders wide instead of 10 riders wide. 
  • The W/1/2/3 will have a 30-rider limit for pre-registration. Additional riders will need to register day-of if the 50+, 60+ and/or Single Speed (SS) fields do not fill to capacity during pre-registration, or place their name on the wait list if the 50+/60+/SS categories do fill during pre-registration. Field limits are based on last year's CCC rider attendance.
  •  Yes, there’s a SS category this year! It shares the W1/2/3, 50+ and 60+ course with a 10:48:30 a.m. start. Women can race that!
  • As usual, women can also race the Masters category for their age group, or race up in age 10 years for Cat 1/2's and 20 years for Cat 3/4's (see page 45-46 of USAC rulebook). Women can also race non-gender specific categorized races for their category or one category below. (W3 can race M3 or M4, W2 can race M3, etc.) Show those boys who’s boss!

So, separate rankings? The CCC points system for the W1/2/3 field will remain numerically combined, but the W1/2 and W3 competitors will be ranked separately. For example, if Suzy Cyclocross is a W3 consistently placing third behind a W1 and a W2, she’ll still receive 45 CCC points per race for her third place finishes and be third the podium. But, she’ll be the top ranked W3 in the CCC W3 overall standings. Staging will be determined by top overall points between both fields, so if the fifth place overall W3 has more CCC points than the fourth place overall W1/2, that W3 gets the final spot on the front row.

There will not be separate USAC scoring, separate upgrade points, a separate weekly podium or a separate CCC payout for the W3. Payouts and upgrade points usually go to the top five finishers of the W1/2/3 race, depending on field size. Individual promoters may choose to award additional cash or prizes. Note that USAC national rankings are based not just on how you place, but also on whom you compete against. So W3 will actually earn more USAC points by being scored together with the W1/2's, which could be advantageous for away races if more race promoters choose to start using USAC points for staging.

Happy remounting—see you in the fall!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Half Acre Cycling's Women/Trans Road Clinic

The ladies at Half Acre Cycling are hosting their annual women's road clinic on April 28th. The registration information is here:

There are two separate events that you can sign up for, a beginners clinic and an intermediate/advanced one.

Because of low pre-regs the Intermediate/Advanced clinic is in danger of being cancelled. If you're on the fence about attending, some of the snazzy topics that will be covered are:
  • Myths about tire pressure
  • Myths about weight loss
  • How to openly discuss on your team who is going to work for who when it comes to getting upgrade points
  • How to put lady teammates on the podium
Date/Time: Saturday, April 28th 9 am ~ 1 pm (please bring a snack or bag lunch)

Location: Clarendon Park Community Center 4501 N. Clarendon Ave, Chicago , with on-bike
portion taking place at nearby Montrose Harbor.

Cost: $20 for Beginners Clinic; $25 for Intermediate Clinic